Photo Finish 32: Twilight at the Farm | Personally Andrea: Photo Finish 32: Twilight at the Farm

Photo Finish 32: Twilight at the Farm

Friday, August 15, 2014 by
Photo Finish 32 | Twilight at the Farm |

Here I am far away from the city, or even the suburbs, this past weekend.  My sweet niece got married here on the property of her fiancé’s farm, and this city girl went crazy with her camera.  Actually I only had it out the evening before at the rehearsal and managed to behave like a civilized guest…mostly…during the wedding the next day.  If you’re on instagram maybe you saw me playing a bit with my iPhone camera at the reception…

…and if you’re not….why???  It’s so much fun!!!

But I knew that one of the farm photos would come out for a reveal for Photo Finish.  It’s such a pretty property, people were commenting on it all weekend. 

Not commenting…..raving. 

It feels a little bit like time stands still on a place like this.  I drive by them all the time but you can’t appreciate it till you spend a good chunk of time there, (a lot of you already know this) and it was fun to wander around with my camera.  The camera can make it look all romantic and peaceful, but I gotta tell you there were too many stories about shovelling poop for this girl’s ears.  Sorry, I said a word.  I’ll never say it again here.  I think. 

Pre-news newsflash:

So this li’l ol’ project has been pretty good to  me.  I’m learning a lot, improving my photography a bit, and it’s forced me to be committed to practice.  So here’s the thing.  Thirty-two weeks in, I’ve started working on a little idea to make this more than a week-by-week random event.  So you may start seeing a few themes emerge in the photos.  And if I’m happy with my preliminary research, I’ll start letting you in on some details.  But if I’m not I’ll keep working on it till I am, ‘cuz I’m kinda determined to make this work out and I’m EXCITED.

In the meantime…enjoy this little twilight moment on the farm…all romance and peacefulness and no poop.  Sorry, I said it again.  #sorrynotsorry

Happy weekend everyone!  Next Friday there will be a photo from a Montreal/Quebec/Picton roadtrip.  Should be a purdy one!
xo andrea

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