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Beach Vacation Memory Jar

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Beach Vacation Memory Jar


Have you ever been lucky enough to be on a tropical beach vacation in the winter?  If you follow me on instagram you saw that we went this past Christmas break.   And within a few days back in this polar vortex it was hard to remember the warm breeze and sand between our toes.  So how to bring those warm, sunny, sandy memories back, and keep them around for awhile?   Here’s what Miss Personally did:  make a memory jar to preserve a piece of the holiday.

My view at the beach | Punta Cana

bliss * sand between the toes

So I asked Miss P if it was OK for me to share how she made it, in case any of you like being surrounded by your good memories like she does.  She pilfered through my craft cupboard to find what she needed.  And if you’ve read this post about supplies for making personalized gifts then you might have already put together a collection of some of the supplies you’ll need too.  A mason jar, lettering stickers, and a large circle punch.  Well, and also some sand, or shells, or whatever your memory is you brought back home with you.  And finally a photo that you took while you were there.

Palm trees, blue skies | Punta Cana

palm trees and blue skies

So the idea is amazing, and putting it together is not that tricky.  The hardest part, at least in this scenario, is getting the sand from the beach back home.  So you might possibly need to spend some time vacuuming out the bottom of your carry-on once all is said and done.  Just sayin’.  If anyone out there knows of a good tutorial on transporting sand,  please send a copy of it to Miss P before she goes to the beach again.

Beach Vacation Memory Jar

where was your last beach vacation?

All you need to do is choose some fun lettering stickers and put the date and destination of your trip on the side of the jar.  Then add the sand to the jar and top it with the snap lid – the flat one.  Print a copy of your photo and punch out a circle from it to cover the snap lid.  (Note that if you’re buying a punch or circle cutter, these wide-mouth jars have a 3 1/2 inch diameter lid.  The regular size lids have a 2 1/2 inch diameter.)  Or trace a circle with the snap lid as a guide and cut it out carefully with scissors.  I talk about printing out photos at home in this Handmade Photo Book post.  Then attach the ring lid tightly on top, and it’s done.

Beach Vacation Memory Jar

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It’s heavy enough to use as a bookend, and small enough to be displayed anywhere, really.  And the sand is very safely contained in the glass jar.  Hoping you’ll still be making many beach-y memories worth preserving!
xo andrea

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