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Photo Finish 3: Winter Clouds

Sunday, February 2, 2014 by
Photo Finish 3 | Winter Clouds |
The thing about living in the suburbs is that most of the scenery is really boring.  Subdivision upon subdivision, big box stores, semi-industrial complexes, malls.  It’s even worse now in this stage of post-ice-storm, partly melted and refrozen January bleakness.  No funky or architectural urban landscapes.  No mountain or ocean views. 

But one morning this week I took the dog to walk down by the lake not far from the school.  Isn’t it fascinating how the sun…flared for a minute behind a stormy cloud and reflected on steely water…suddenly changes a bleak and frozen scene into a photo worthy image?  Right on the edge of suburbia. 

Do you have that place nearby where a moment of sun, cloud and water can change everything?

Happy Friday everyone.

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