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One Hundredth Post and a Giveaway

Monday, February 10, 2014 by
100th Post Photo Giveaway -
So technically this is my hundred and first post, and the one hundredth was on Friday when I posted the photo framed here as my Photo Finish 6.  One hundred posts.  Wow.  I don’t know if I really saw myself pursuing this so far…it started out as a whim…I was taking a course that involved a lot of photocriticism so I was looking for a forum to post some of my photography with some text to go along with it.  And then I also thought Why don’t I post photos of the gifts and favours I sell so that customers can check them out online.  So that’s how it began..…Honey, I need something techy…
100th Post Photo Giveaway - personallyandrea.com100th Post Photo Giveaway -
I wish I had taken a screen shot of what the blog looked like then, under the name Ange’s Words and Images, which no one could remember and Google didn’t like….did you mean Angels' Swords???  No!!!  I’m still not fantastic with the before and after shots, but here is a link to my very first post.  Actually not even because I deleted the first few after a while, but it’s the first one I left up. 

100th Post Photo Giveaway -
I think I’ve learned a few things about photography and about writing, and I guess that was really the goal.  I unexpectedly fell down the rabbit holes of the blogosphere, Facebook groups and pages, and Google +.  Still holding out a bit on Twitter, but the writing’s on the wall it seems.  Along the way I’ve met some great people, made some new friends, and reconnected with old ones.  I won't lie...there have been a few tears.  I've almost thrown my laptop out the window many times.  But at the end of the day I have to admit that I love doing this.  I am over-the-top thankful for every person who has stopped by and honoured me with their time.  And even more for those of you who come by regularly and stick with me.  I love it when you leave me your sweet and inspiring comments both here and on Facebook.  It makes my day to know that I’ve brought even a bit of inspiration your way.  Thank you.

100th Post Photo Giveaway - 
So in honour of this monumental occasion I decided to learn something else new, and that is how to offer a free download as a gift to you my fantastic readers.  The download is a full resolution non-watermarked image of the Vintage Vignette I posted on Friday and you see framed in these photos here.  If you have a little spot that could use a framed photograph, or you’re about to make a pretty card for a friend, or need a vintage-y teacup sort of image as a graphic, then head on over to my Facebook page and you’ll find it there. 

100th Post Photo Giveaway -
Click on the Free Downloads button right between the Like and the Blog buttons.  On the next screen click the Free Downloads tab at the top, then select Free Downloads from the menu.  Got it?  Free Downloads.  Three times. Then download (for free haha) and save it and it’s all yours.  I hope you enjoy! 

Wishing you happy milestones of your own, and moments that inspire reflection too.

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