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Our Valentine’s Day

Sunday, February 16, 2014 by
Valentine's Mantel | personallyandrea.comValentine's Mantel | personallyandrea.com
Well we’re over the hump for February and that’s good news for me.  Hopefully for you too.  I think the days are getting longer.  At least that’s how it feels when the sun decides to shine.  Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and plenty gets written about that day without me adding to it here.  So this is just a small recap of some things we did around here to add our personal touch to the day.

In the morning there were mugs with fun sayings for everyone.  Yes, I bought them.  In spite of my extensive Pinterest Board dedicated to Sharpie crafts.  Pinterest 1, PersonallyAndrea 0.

Valentine's Mugs | personallyandrea.comValentine's Mugs | personallyandrea.com
Well…I wanted one too!

Heart Cookie Cutters | personallyandrea.com
And I baked sugar cookies with Personally Junior who happened to have a PD Day.  I added red colouring paste to the dough to turn it pink, just for fun.

Pink Sugar Cookies | personallyandrea.comPink Heart Sugar Cookies | personallyandrea.comPink Heart Sugar Cookies | personallyandrea.com
To decorate the table I poured valentine’s candy into some small vases and embellished the rim.  It happened that there were going to be friends coming for dinner.  Yay!  An opportunity to make some table favours…a few valentine’s jelly bellies in a glassine treat bag, a simple stamped tag attached with some washi tape.

Valentine's Day Decor | personallyandrea.comValentine's Day Treats | personallyandrea.com
For dinner, heart-shaped ravioli I found thanks to a Facebook conversation, and pizza fondue.  Fondue is traditional for us on Valentine’s Day, and this pizza version was a delicious twist and a huge hit with everyone.

Fondue | personallyandrea.comFondue | personallyandrea.com

Family, friends, food to share, and something personal to make everyone feel loved.  Who, being loved, is poor?  - Oscar Wilde

Valentine's Day Chalkboard | Who, being loved, is poor? | personallyandrea.com

sugar cookies and colouring
vases and tags
pizza fondue
red plant pot

Lots of love and friendship to go around.  Hoping you had the same, or are inspired to pass it along.

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