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Hemp Cord and Button Wrap Vases

Sunday, February 2, 2014 by
Wrapped Vases | personallyandrea.com
So did we all have a super weekend?  (See what I did there?)  January is finally over, Groundhog Day and Superbowl excitement…something for everyone I’d say.  To mark the beginning of February I decided to lighten up the decor around here a bit with some fresh flowers.  I’m not up for redecorating the house because of Valentine’s Day.  But there is a bit of a decor lull after Christmas, and a few spring-like hits of red and some hand-made-ness don’t hurt. 
Wrapped Vases | Tulips | personallyandrea.comII  have this silver IKEA tray sitting on my front hall table which makes it easy to collect up and display a few seasonal items for a quick and pretty arrangement.  I bought three bunches of red tulips at the grocery store and pulled out this trio of vases, also from IKEA.  Then I decided to add a little embellishment to the vases for some hand-made personality.  But I’m not one for making permanent changes to something like this.  What if I have a different idea come Easter or Mother’s Day?  

Wrapped Vases | Hemp Cord and Buttons | personallyandrea.com
For an inexpensive little addition that doesn’t scream Valentine’s Day, I wrapped each of the three vases with some black hemp cord strung with wooden buttons.  Both the hemp cord and the package of buttons were from the dollar store so total cost for this project…two dollars.  Yes, actually.

Wrapped Vases | Hemp Cord and Button | personallyandrea.com
And it’s the simplest thing to do.  I measured out how much cord I would use for each vase first so I could cut it into sections.  I divided the entire roll between the three vases.  Then I strung buttons onto the cord at varying intervals, wrapped the cord around again and tied it with a simple knot to secure it.

Wrapped Vases | personallyandrea.comWrapped Vases | personallyandrea.com
Then I recut the tulips stems and arranged them in the vases.  For instructions on keeping cut tulips looking great see here.  It’s nice if you can keep your cut flowers and enjoy them as long as possible.  So there you go.  For two dollars and about half an hour of my time I added a hand-made touch to my big-box-store vases for a pretty floral display in my front hall.  Gotta love it.  You can do it too.

Wrapped Vases | Hemp Cord and Buttons | personallyandrea.com

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