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Photo Finish 8: Two at the Birdfeeder

Friday, February 21, 2014 by
Two at the Birdfeeder.jpgSo I set out on a day of appointments and errands.  Noticing that it’s actually a sunny day…oh, hello Mr. Sun!…I pack my camera and a pair of heavy boots thinking I’ll have time to drive by the park in the ravine to catch a sunny outdoor photo (for a change)! 
Errands and appointment done with time to spare, I hop back into the car (of course, van, actually).  But wait, what happened to the sun?  It’s disappeared behind a heavy cloud cover.  No matter.  I can still do this.  Detour into the park and find a spot close to the trail.  Change into heavy boots.  Unpack the camera, change the lens, adjust the settings.  I am so prepared, I’m thinking.  Hold on, what??!!  Is that…RAIN?  It’s ok, breathe, remain calm and (insert trendy phrase here).  I’ve come this far.  Am I a photographer or am I a photographer? 

I decide to be a photographer.  Lucky for me, the birds don’t care if it’s raining.  The cardinals are being shy and hiding in the thick brush.  But did you know that if you whistle a chickadee call it encourages them to come closer?  It’s true.  I learned it once chaperoning a school bird-watching field trip. 

Wet, cold, huddled against a tree, whistling like a chickadee, camera focused on a birdfeeder.  It works…here they come, sweet things.  Happy Friday everyone.  This is Photo Finish Week Eight.

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